Total Knee 2100

Total Knee 2100

by Ossur

The Total Knee 2100 is a highly refined polycentric knee with 3-phase hydraulic swing control designed to withstand the rigors of more active amputees. With a weight limit of 125kg (275lbs) and 25% increased fluid capacity over Model 2000, the Total Knee 2100 offers the ultimate in stability, control, efficiency and durability.


  • Polycentric knee designed for multi-speed ambulation, higher impact levels and heavier loads.

  • Geometric locking system.

  • 30mm (13/16") pylon adaptability.

  • Adjustable stance flexion.

  • Adjustable extension promoter.

  • Low build height, useful for long transfemoral limbs or knee disarticulation

  • Trial use available if ordered directly from Ossur

Product Details:

Product Weight
32 oz
Weight Limit
275 lbs
Activity Level
2, 3, 4
Proximal Mounting (Top)
Distal Mounting (Bottom)
Tube Adapter
Hydraulic, Polycentric

Additional information:

Trial Period
14 days
24 months
L Code
5814, 5845, 5850
Stance Phase
Swing Phase

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